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Mucoid Cyst

Do you have a lump or bump on your foot?

Don't know what it is?

Q & A

What is a Mucoid Cyst? 

A small nodular single mass that can form on the top of the toe is often times a Mucoid Cyst. These occur most frequently at the joint just behind the toenail. These are caused by a weakening of the joint capsule, which allows swelling to occur. They are firm and rubbery to the touch. Sometimes as the skin thins, due to the stretching pressure of the mass, it will appear translucent. When the mass is broken or punctured, a thick clear fluid will leak out. If the mass does break open, the area should be kept clean and free of infection. Once the skin heals the mass will reappear.



Diagnosis is typically made by clinical exam. If the mass is surgically removed, a definitive diagnosis is provided by microscopic examination by a pathologist.



Treatment may include self-monitoring, shoe modification, padding or surgical excision. Excision of the mucoid cyst is relatively simple. Following removal of the cyst, the foot is bandaged in a dry sterile dressing and the sutures remain in place for 10 to 12 days days. The area must be kept dry during this period of time and a limitation of activity is advised.

Other Commonly Found Masses in the Foot and Ankle:






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